october.8.1999.i added new pictures!!!!!! bergeron, children's crusade, day one, mk ultra, and target for aggression. i have many more to come as well. so keep checking back.

october.5.1999.i'm really becoming extremely lazy. i updated the about me section, and thats it for this time. hopefully i will be adding new writings soon. and i also have a ton of new pictures coming including: scarlet, target for aggression, the locust, day one, mkultra, and many many more. check back soon, and hopefully i will have added everything.

august.19.1999.updated the all about me section and the links section. i may be adding new writings soon or i may start a paper zine, i'll let you know soon, but then again its not like you care since no one emails me.

july.23.1999.new writings. i should be working on the links soon...

july.22.1999.completely new layout and title to the page. i will be updating the writings section soon and i will include an explanation of the new title.

july.5.1999.new writings and new info in the all about me section. in fact i changed the format of the latter section.

june.7.1999.new writings.