wednesday.august 26th.1998
well, things are changing. instead of tagteam01 being a forefront cd, its gonna be a split 7" with va beach's scarlet. the forefront cd is gonna be delayed for some time. we don't even know if we'll end up putting it out. the 7" will be out at the beginning of 1999. we hope atleast. check the page often for updates or email us to be added to the mailing list. thanks.
friday.july 3rd.1998.
forefront cd is being delayed until sometime in october.
tuesday.june 24th.1998.
links are finally up.
saturday.june 6th.1998.
new email the forefront release is now definitely going to be a cd. prices are yet unknown...release date will be in july or august.
wednesday.june 3rd.1998.
new name...again. descend broke up. forefront release may now be on cd. should be recorded soon.
thursday.may 7th.1998.
we've got a new site. no real news for the label.
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