december 23rd

so...let me think. i'm not really sure what i have to tell you today.
new algebra one cd. 6 songs. its really good more of an indie pop sound than before.
forefront has ditched their old tape and plan on recording something new.
rva is still sitting around on their asses.
H804 has a song on the punk uprisings cd. they also have some pretty funny lyrics for a song they recently recorded..."chillin with uzis, in jacuzzis, with mad boobies, just like in the movies." they are now officially NOT hardcore. they are a rap band, that plays metal and sings like metal, because hardcore is about a movement, and not about singing songs about sex and shit like that...
they're have been no break ups!
new 500$fine cd, very soon, i do believe. its taken long enough, but i've heard about a cd release at st. ed's on january 1st. it may be bullshit, but then again, who knows?
fun size is going on tour again, not that anyone cares.
richmond is still dying, read about it on the new avail/(young) pioneers split 7" on lookout records.
400 years still doesn't play.
H804 is still monopolizing our hardcore they own twisters now? someone please tell me no.
jeff is smoking crack.
i think thats it.
i got some shows for ya now...
december 29th...silent majority, H804, and landmark. $5, twisters.
january size, algebra one, ben grimm, and blankface. $5, twisters.
january hardcore fest. don't expect much...its just stupid local bands...only 5 of em at that. twisters.
january crisis, hatebreed, stealth, 25talife, H804, and time flies. twisters.
february 10th...entombed, bloodlet, and hatebreed. twisters.

november 30th

ok...we got more news!! YaY!!!
so not much has happened really, i don't think atleast. i don't know much as you can see...but here's one thing...thred changed their name to forefront! woohoo! they are still bassically the same band, but a different name.
fallout brokeup...josh decided he didn't wanna sing anymore or something and thats bassically all i know.
noise gate and forefront both recorded a couple of weeks ago. both are doing tapes. i'll keep this updated on their releases. noise gate should be soon, i think, because they ordered the tapes a while ago.
the biograph closed!!! wanna buy it? call the number outside and don't ask me what it is, cuz i have no idea.

early november

i decided that i should start putting some information on here about whats going on in the richmond scene here...kind of a scene report. i'll probably list SOME shows but only local and news about clubs and bands and maybe even some reviews...'s the news...

ummm...a couple of bands have recently broken up...very sad...yes i know...knuckle hed and burn witch burn probably the main ones. but a sorta local band has recently formed and i saw them for the first time oct 18th. they were viva. formed from a part of swank. they were amazing. sort of an indie rock sound with a little bit of funk. almost similar to fugazi at times...really good stuff. i have no idea when they formed...but i think they are pretty much new.
they had some really distorted parts with some long clean pieces mixed in. i am a fan of long they were really good. cuz some of their songs were probably close to 10 mins. either that or just like...i lost myself or something weird like that. i dunno...i'm weird like that. but they were really good. oh well.

ok...i'm not sure if i'm allowed to say this one or not...but i am...ok...anyone remember the worlds only wesley willis tribute band, slow car fast car? they are possibly getting back together. i'm not positive about this...but its something that kinda popped into jordan and ian's head one day. oh well.

upcoming shows...
fun size-pop punk from south side
wardance orange-old skool hardcore from an older segment of the scene
algebra one-poppy emo from blacksburg
the unity project-really good live ska-core band

wardance orange-see above.

NOTE:not all bands that are playing are shown...only the local ones.