january 13th, 1999.

the exploder-cut the cord.cdEP.reptillian records.
crazy emo stuff with ex-members of pre-skool and the nuns. sounds very similar to sleepytime trio. there is even a nation of ulysses cover. good stuff. if you heard and liked the first one, get this one.

ex-members of piebald and converge. really good rock stuff. doesn't really live up to the live performance, though. i really wanna say this sounds like fugazi, but it doesn't. maybe like an older piebald without the annoying vocals. who cares, find it and get it.

refused-the new noise theology.cdEP.honey bear records.
politically charged rock/hardcore out to start a revolution. this stuff is a lot like the sound from their record "the shape of punk to come" and even features "the new noise" and "refused are fuckin dead" from that cd. definitely better than their pre-shape of punk to come, stuff.

december 16th, 1998.

inept-images of betrayal.LP.interbang records.
now this is good stuff. grind/metal/emo-violence. whatever the fuck you wanna call it this will knock you on your fucking ass. lots of heartfelt lyrics on political subjects. dual vocals(guy-girl). fast beats to slow droning metal. sorta like older locust but faster.

boy sets fire-in chrysalis.cdEP.intial records.
some more of that emotionally driven hardcore from boy sets fire. this time more aggressively done and even a DK cover(which could be done without, but it brings back old memories).

keepsake-the things i would records.
well. some of this is good. some of it takes it in the ass. this mixes sung emo with screamy stuff. thats sorta metal...but it lacks talent on the metal side. but, after a few songs, you reach a pop-punk song which really does not fit. its kinda sick. but its still a good cd. i guess you could say these guys sound like the get up kids meet grade with a song that sounds like fun size thrown in.

johnny angel-fucked up...but cool fucked records.
this features ex-members of unbroken and goes in the same direction eric allen(RIP) went when unbroken broke up. its more like heroin, than the swing kids were, because its a little more on the punky side. definitely could benefit from a better recording. even includes a video on cd-rom. definitely get this if you are a fan of heroin.

saetia-s/ records.
this is amazing. really, really good. emotional and chaotic hardcore(screamo if you will). sorta sounds like frail. definitely better than the 7".