Job 314
this band rocks...they rock and roll...:)
ummm...they are made up of...
Jeff, Burt, Stephen, and jeff g. thats it right them...they are basically a joke but they are funny as ummm...stuff. they rule though. they play really funny shows though...and i throw doughnuts at people...its all should go check 'em out. i know i sure would...the whole world will love em...:)
here...burt wanted to put some he wrote this... I was thinking the other day about the role that energy plays in all of our lives.....does it I am full of is important to all of us because if it werent for the energy we had we wouldnt be alive mostly.....I was also giving some thought to the theory of asexual reproduction...i hope it never comes to know why? girls would ever have sex with me...I was putting on my clothes the other day after I got out of the shower (yes I do take showers) and I was putting my clothes on, wait I think I already mentioned that, sorry....well anyways I had my clothes on or wait no I was putting them on.....thats it I forgot the rest of the story...alright this website is supposed to be for our bands, or I guess it would be our band, in the singular I was gonna tell you something about our band...we are good...we are really good...I play guitar, Jeff plays guitar, and Steve plays drums...I dont know much else about steve except he plays drums ...alright so we are a pretty funny band, but thats not all...we have a soft side also...for me the soft side is the top of my head it is soft...I am a soft guy I like being soft If I wasnt soft I would be Lucas.....alright well, about that band again...we are good if I hadnt mentioned that...we are really god....if we had a milllion bucks (like noise gate) you could buy our 7 inch, at your local store...but we arent as rich as noise gate, so we have to be buying stuff for we wont have an album for awhile...alright so you wanna know some more facts about the band?...alright, fine....thats alright....anyways Jeff is cool he has a yamaha pacifica (I told you we were poor!)....I have no idea what type of drum set moose has, but he wears a Zildjan shirt the way Mooses lady friend Mellissa is in my science class..just for some useless trivia....what else would you like to know about JOB #!@ oops gotta take that shift off, job 314, well we are good.....we have been described as new school we have been described as old school...we have been described as queer core...but we arent...we have been described as Riot grrrrrl....but we are all guys!!...we have been described as hardcore but that was by people who have never heard us, they probably havent heard hardcore either...we have been described as EMO but after seeing noise gate the other night and listening to empty we are a soleless bunch of pigs....we have been described as alternative and all of you people can GO TO HELL!!!!.....we arent so SHUT THE FUCK UP....alright what else is there to say...we have been described as SPAZ core...but that was Chris and he just knows that we are all a bunch of wild childs....alright, so thanks for letting me come in your ear...wait whats that you say you want more? alright I could sit here and type to you for are some people id liek to say hi to!! well nevermind I dont want to do that....I will leave someone out...just send main/links/pics/mydistro/empty/richmondmusic/job314/myviews/reviews/bands/reads&organizations