you look so (un)afraid-
these questions don't answer a thing....
more lies
settle this ;what more can be said?;
don't fire ;SCREAM THIS;
don't care-run away.

and tonight i'm trading in my heart for a black piece of coal
and tonight i'm resting on the shoulders of all thats left
but what is left besides nothing?
let this all go away
my back pocket is coated with red
can you see it?
do you see it?
we're all passing away here from running too hard
we're all running away from here for trying so hard
please tell me i don't have to wake up anymore
or wake me up and tell me i'm dead

and if i died would you notice?
and if i cried would you dry my tears?
we look into each other's eyes and see that our faces are gone
lies are everywhere with every thought meaning nothing
put your hand over my chest
can you feel that - there's nothing left
our eyes are crusted over with dead dreams
you told me you'd hold me forever
but i guess that meant never again